The Perfect Blazer

When we think about fashionable celebrities we imagine a lot of clothes, shoes, bags and those huge closets.

However, the best fashionistas know that dressing well doesn't mean having a lot of things. Good choices make all the difference.

The blazers are normally, excellent shopping, even when purchased at an above average price.

Finally, the blazers are pieces that fits and enhances all body biotypes, if you just follow these simple rules:

- If the width of your shoulders is higher than the hip or if you have a large chest, you should choose blazers in darker tones without batts. The boyfriend style is perfect for you;

- As for the ladies with a "pear" body type, you can and should choose blazers of bright colors and pattern, to create harmony in the body;

- A blazer belted define (and refines) the silhouette, creating the illusion of being taller and thinner;

- They can be coordinate with jeans and sneakers for a casual look but, just switch to a high heels and a shirt and give an instant up to your look;

- When used with a skirts, the element to consider is the length of it. If the skirt is short, the jacket must be more or less the same length or slightly above. In the case you are fan of long skirts, the blazer should be short, ending just below the waist.

Good shopping.


Catarina Teixeira de Queirós (O Blog da Catrafina)