Most women often think that they are fatter than they actually are. However, some women liked to have more volume in some parts of their body. Which of us never heard a friend saying: “if I had thicker legs I would use this skirt!”

Now, just as there are tips and tricks to camouflage "that" extra volume, the reverse is also possible. Like this…

Trick 1: Bet on the upper body! Call attention to the chest, use flashy necklaces, colorful patterns, bright colors (attention to proportions if the breast is too large, it is best to follow tip number 2).

Trick 2: Create volume in the lower part of the body! Use skirts with pleats, rounds or flared cut. Pants, the best option is the pajamas pants, baggy pants or pantaloons.

Trick 3: the shoes! In winter, choose high boots. In warm weather, strappy sandals (gladiator, for example) are an excellent choice.



Catarina Teixeira de Queirós (O Blog da Catrafina)