Talking with Living The City

Patrícia Silvério and Daniela Salsa are 25 years old and are responsible for the project "Living the City." From very early their paths crossed with fashion ways. "I was bitten by the fashion bug. I spent long hours reading magazines, trends and fashion editorial sites, "says Patricia.

For Daniela moving to Braga when she was at University, was a turning point, "made me feel more comfortable to discover myself and explore new worlds and themes, fashion was one of them, through this we can get to know who we are in a very creative way, it is a world that has no boundaries", concludes Daniela.

The company, which began as an idea of Patricia and eventually affected Daniela, deals with the communication of spaces and stores that exist in the city of Braga. The two young entrepreneurs found this gap and started to work. Currently, they work with companies and stores such as Franco Oculista, Boneca Boutique and Sapatarias Fernando.

Young and passionate about fashion have, naturally, a close relationship with the online market.

We get to know the opinion of those who work daily with trade on this new way to purchase goods and services and particularly about the I SHOP BRAGA.


What is your opinion about the online market?

Patrícia - I am a diehard fan. I don’t waste time visiting physical stores. I prefer less confusion. The Online commerce came to facilitate my life. I can buy an item at any time no matter where I am. I have facility to exchange and return. You can find rich, diverse and versatile pieces . There are platforms where you can observe accurately the products we buy and even the possibility of seeing a short video where you can see the product in live Model. I do 90 % of my shopping in online market.


Daniela - The online market is undoubtedly an asset until it increases our horizons and buying opportunities. Clothing / shoes, I admit that I prefer to try it , but I'm an enthusiast of the online commerce, its convenience and allowing us to purchase items that otherwise could not get.



Which Tips and experiences can you share with our followers about online shopping?  

Patrícia - With the amount of information that exists nowadays, we should select what we really want and like to follow. There are websites and super interesting brands. Before buying try to compare prices and see reviews of the platforms to realize if they are reliable.

Daniela - Currently the online market is so vast that it is necessary to know if indeed the store is reliable, if the item corresponds to reality and check our measurements (always!). Personally, I do not shop high values because I'm always a little hesitant, unless I know the store and the return policies are simple and favorable.


What are your opinions about the project I SHOP BRAGA?  

Patrícia - The I Shop Braga is an excellent project that will give new opportunities to the traditional market in the city of Braga. Online sales are as important as the physical sales . The project will be on everyone’s lips. It is our the duty to support projects like this and help our city grow and go further.  

Daniela - The I Shop Braga is undoubtedly a promising project, it will give opportunity to the traditional trade to reach new horizons. In addition, the editorial part of this platform will allow users to suggest several places to visit and experience as well as numerous ways to use the items available for sale.