Dress to impress

Let the silly season begin! It's party time. Prom, baptisms or weddings, all these situations require special clothing.
Need help? Don't worry. We got your back.
Ideally, you should follow the information present in the invitation. Unfortunately, the dress code isn't always listed and we have to analyze the following facts:
Event time: For instance a marriage after 5 p.m., will probably be more formal (and therefore more rigorous in the protocol) that an evening ceremony;
Venue: We must consider where it is held. Logically, a party that takes place on a farm/outdoors, will be different in terms of formality than an event that takes place in a luxury hotel.
After analyzed these points,  you should choose the dress.
In the morning, informal or semi-formal events, the dresses should be shorts (the knee or 3 fingers up, no more!) In soft colors (pastel shades are super trendy!), Free of glare. On the other hand, in top formality parties, the dress can be more sophisticated. Betting on accessories is a good idea. A hat and gloves can be an excellent choice to give an "up" to the look.
The long dress should be reserved for evening ceremonies (after 5 p.m.) or night events. Here we can give free rein to our imagination and bet on sequins, flashy accessories, transparencies ...
In religious ceremonies we should maintain some decorum. The use of a scarf, for example, to cover the shoulders, it is an excellent option.
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