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The Blog "we are love addicts", Joana and Leone, spent a weekend in Braga. Get to know the places and the flavors that led this couple fall in love with the city.

"The invitation by Living the City with the support of the A.C.B. – Associação Comercial de Braga, we spent a weekend in Braga. We were offered a small script, which we thank, because nothing better than know the city by the eyes of those who live there, with a lucky winter sun.

Braga, a city founded in 16 BC with the name of Bracara Augusta, in honor of the Roman emperor Augustus, is a small maze, everything is close by, shops, cafes, restaurants, museums, cultural venues. It’s like a beautiful concentrated area and worth finding. Quickly we discovered why Braga is considered the happiest city in Portugal. The proximity of the places is proportional to that of the people. The welcoming, the easy conversation, the open smile, are characteristics of all people we meet in Braga. The North is this, and this we already knew.


Hotel Bracara Augusta

We have rested at this simple, beautiful, quiet and with a nice breakfast hotel. What can we ask more? The spaces and the rooms are well recovered and the building has not lost its history. The staff was helpful and friendly, and kept our bags for us to continue the walking without dragging them everywhere. The hotel is right in the center of Braga downtown, ideal for a weekend visit, we were close to all the points we wanted to visit.


Museu da Imagem

Space dedicated entirely to the photography, with temporary exhibitions and also the recovery of its estate, inherited of some of the most important photography houses in the city, such as “Foto Aliança" and "Casa Pelicano". Ask to see some of these stored relics, you will not regret it. The restored building is historic because it is part of the old medieval wall of the XIV century. The exhibition that is there, until February 28TH is called " Lisboa e o Aqueduto ", about Lisbon, from the first decade of the XX century to the 60’s. The admission is free!


Tesouro da Sé Museum

The city of Braga is dotted by many churches and obviously a very strong Christian tradition. At midday the bells echo from all parts of the city. In this museum, founded in 1930, and where photographs are not allowed, the estate consists of many pieces covering a period of fifteen hundred years of history and so the Christian life revitalized from the Cathedral. 


Jardim de Santa Bárbara

The last time we were here, the tour was longer because the spring helped to paint all the flowers in the garden, geometrically distributed around the fountain, at the center, where the statue of Santa Bárbara is. This time more melancholic, but still beautiful, very well-kept and with some touches of color, balanced with the neo-gothic sobriety of walls and the arches of the ancient Episcopal palace, this tour is always worthwhile. And if you can, stop in the Lusitana terrace for a coffee, the overlooking to the garden is the most privileged. 


Antiques Market

We also went to this fair and its picturesque environment on the outskirts of Braga Castle, Rua do Castelo, called our attention: the knick-knacks, books and vinyl records are more than many. It happens on the last weekend of each month.

Mercado da Saudade

Wine bar and snacks, grocery store, the Mercado da Saudade gathers the memories of Portuguese gastronomic culture and its new producers. Even the musical playlist joins the new Portuguese music with some classics. The photographs were not ok; the lighting of the space at night is not the best. But the snacks, wine and staff friendliness are worth of all the photos we couldn’t take. The winning dish is clearly the “alheira” and also the delicious Portuguese sandwich, the specialty of the House, with creamy cheese.


Casa de Pasto das Carvalheiras

The Carvalheiras Casa de Pasto is in our top best places required to visit in Braga. If you want to have the meal of your life, trust us, and will not regret it! In Casa de Pasto meals are based on the premise of sharing. Small plates with smaller dosages allow you to try several rather than just one. They explained the intention is to celebrate the ingredients and the Portuguese cuisine. Every month the Menu changes, although there are winner dishes residents. We loved this concept, the desire to return is even greater! The space is colorful with an eclectic decoration, so harmonious that we wanted an equal dining room for us. Speaking of the dishes we tried, we just have to say that we were in heaven and when everything comes to the table absolutely delicious, we feel like clapping. And they deserve it! The boss and the staff. All amazing! It was one of the best meals we had. We have to highlight the  Queques de Alheira and the Pataniscas de Camarão, crying for more. Not to mention the dessert! Do you a favor, give yourself a gift with a meal you will keep in memory, and in your next trip to Braga, go to Carvalheiras Casa de Pasto.


Sausage muffins;

Mushrooms Croquettes, with Japanese sauces and katsuobushi;

Tuna with creamy polenta;

Fried batter shrimp and tomato cevadotto with turnip shoots;

Flank steak with sweet potatoes.


Livraria Centésima Bookshop

The first impression is the quantity and the endless variety of books that we can discover in the giant shelves in the walls of the library. The building is one of the greatest examples of Baroque style in Braga. Apart from the friendliness of those who welcome us and the cafeteria with various cakes and drinks, the bookshop has a garden that asked for more heat and time to run through one of the authors.


Spirit Cupcakes & Coffee

This is the original, it was the first to open (though now in Porto and Guimarães). Cupcakes and cheesecakes are the protagonists, but the ice cream also strikes. The terrace is large and comfortable but full to take profit of the winter sun. If you want to be more relaxed, avoid afternoon (midday seems the best time). But you can also take away cupcakes or ice cream for the rest of the city tour.


B Concept Store

The B Concept store is the ideal to find the perfect gift for someone or for yourself. The store space and layout are things we liked. Each space is worth a visit. The store offers a wide variety of products, traditional Portuguese ones (wine, soaps, tinned food), sunglasses, various clothing of national brands, footwear, books, office supplies as Fine & Candy, and more. There we find a bit of everything and want to bring all! Upstairs still runs a small cafe, where one of the most desired terraces in Braga is hidden, especially in summer.



In Braga people dress well and, with stores like Caxuxa , this task is even easier! The Caxuxa surprises with the variety of brands in store. There are a bit of everything and it is a real temptation. We were passionate about footwear brand ARY. The Colors and the design caught our attention, not to mention the sublime quality and 100% made in Portugal . We still have to highlight the jewels of OMNIA and BELLROY portfolios, a brand we are coveting for a long time. If your goal is shopping, this is the place!