About Us


I SHOP BRAGA results from the natural development of commercial trade recently only performed in street shops or malls to the e-commerce domain. As the growth of e-commerce is an unavoidable reality, Braga cannot ignore its mission of modernity thus becoming a capital of trade.


I SHOP BRAGA is the result of the entrepreneurial attitude of many shops of the town center, with excellent quality, that accepted the challenge of the ACB (Braga’s Commercial Association) to join an e-commerce platform focused on the wishes and needs of the modern customer.


In each process of buying and selling between the store and the customer in the I SHOP BRAGA there is a little of this city and of this region, like every product or service has imprinted the memory of a unique culture, a bimillennial heritage, an unmatched landscape frame.


Buying a product or service in the I SHOP BRAGA is getting this memory.