If, last week, the tips of festive looks were exclusively for women, this editorial is totally dedicated to gentlemen!

If you are a woman and you're reading don't give up now, you can always pass the tips to your husband, children or family member.

The male dress code is much more rigorous and therefore much easier to follow. Thus, if the event is nocturnal and ultra-formal, black tuxedo is the right choice. Use tie with shirt collar cut is mandatory and shoes should be also black lacquer (Oxford model, preferably). Already in daytime ceremonies, the cutaway is ideal. Please note that by dressing with this accuracy, the groom, father and groomsmen should wear the same. Who enforces the degree of formality are always the party hosts!

Weddings / semi-formal events the complete suit is appropriate, and using appropriate tie. The tones should be between gray and blue in summer season and black for the cold season.

In a totally informal situation, a twill pants and blazer will be enough. The tie is optional; the shirt should ALWAYS be long sleeve.



 Catarina Teixeira de Queirós